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The leading company in Influence Marketing

Alternativa is the leading agency in integrating brands into audiovisual content, expert in stories to tell.



At AdM, we have great creative abilities, we break down scripts, formats, adjusting them to the brands and embedding them as part of a story, we impress with early proposals. If you are interested, check out an overview of our work.



Sure you have discussed when seeing a brand in a series or in a movie. What came up first: the opportunity found in a script or a briefing and the search for support, series, video, movie or post to integrate it?



Integrating is not about placing or having the chance to do it, without much ado. To INTEGRATE is to immerse yourself in a script, to swim with the characters, to discuss with the team, to embrace the series color, that would make, take or taste those characters, their evolution, their environment. Creating stories with a brand makes it more important, more REAL AND EXCITING.


Relevant people

We work in stages with directors, scriptwriters, producers, designers, and of course with actors, our “relevant people”, the highest-value people. We get ahead of their success and we know their work. Hand in hand with them, we are capable of convey values to the brands naturally and credibly, as we consider our job.

Relevant people

Until the end

We are part of the audiovisual industry, so we go until the end of the road, when we show the work, feel proud of being part of a team that for some time has made a special family, or when we celebrate it or get together in festivals. That way, as it couldn’t have been otherwise, we get involved with ideas, in a proactive and fun way, and we take the brands to these places full of magic and excitement about the job well done, knowing that they are part of that audiovisual work.


Influence Marketing

Innovation, technological disruptions, transformations in the digital field, and new business models follow their course at a sometimes difficult speed to follow, even for specialists. By creating authentic content, sharing it online through social networks and other channels, and getting to the right people at the right time, we achieve measurable goals.

When implementing a strategy of influence marketing, we propose at AdM: perseverance, differentiation and leadership through the content of achievements and fostering conversation through social networks.

With this we generate brand awareness, motivate purchase intention, drive traffic, and increase value.

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