MIM Festival

MIM Series is the only festival in Spain focused solely on National TV Fiction, where all national television channels take part and coexist in a shared space.
  • Fiction series

    For a week, this festival bring together directors, actors, screenwriters, producers and channels, and updates on the following television season are introduced, as well as new fiction series under production, with exclusive presentations, panel discussions and projections.

  • Awards

    This festival ends with a show where awards are given to the best series, best actor and best actress, among others. In addition, a special award is given in honor of the career.

  • Impact

    This festival has a great media impact on television channels (news and magazines) and on the press (magazines, newspapers and online articles).

The opportunity to arouse the audience’s interest

Taking over a territory can be a very frequent strategy pursued by large companies, due to its impact and in order to give content to their brand through their communication department. Smaller companies consider it an opportunity to be visible and to arouse the audience’s interest by being co-stars in the party.


And also


Support in new releases