About us

There is a better way of introducing ourselves: this is what others say about us.

Víctor Juanes, Paloma Juanes Manager , S.L.
For Alternativa, any idea is possible! Their boundless creativity and team work skills make them achieve great results.


Josep Cister, Creative Director at Boomerang TV
Alternativa’s staff always work smoothly and politely. With them, you are always sure that everything is going to be alright.


Amparo Miralles, Fiction director
The excitement, creativity, persistence and know-how of Alternative staff drives you to keep counting on them in every project.


Toni Novella, Production manager
I have had the chance to work with Esther Segura and Alternativa de Medios several times. We met in “Volver”, from Pedro Almodóvar, and we have met again in other movies. Her commitment in every project is appreciated, looking the best way to approach it, with imagination, courage and boldness, striving to find the best path to make it successful, hand in hand with the production company.


Javier Rey, Actor.
Esther from Alternativa treats everyone extremely well and pays great attention to details.


Antonio Sánchez, Executive Producer at Producciones Aparte.
What can I say about Alternativa de Medios that has not already been said? I’ve been working with them for several years and, despite the difficulties that always arise when integrating brands into the content of films and TV series, AdM always finds, thanks to its professionalism, willingness and talent, the right way to ensure that this integration turns out to be as natural and organic as possible.

Ramón Campos, Executive producer at Bambú Producciones
For Alternativa de Medios, nothing is impossible. They always stay one step ahead, suggesting options to make possible the integration of products. With creativity and hard work, teaming up and working hand in hand, they make us have always a positive outcome.


María Luisa Gutiérrez, Producer and y Board Member of the Film Academy
La gente de Alternativa entiende qué es el product placement, dónde están los límites de la película y cuáles son los intereses de la marca de publicidad. Son capaces de conseguir que todas las partes estén de acuerdo (algo muy difícil) y hacer el seguimiento para que así sea. Chapeau por Esther Segura y su gente!


Rafael Alférez, Marketing Director at BMW.
When you do a Project with Alternativa, you know from the beginning that they are going to be next to you at all stages, caring for you brand’s presence and helping you so that everything is easy and you achieve effective results.


Claudia Sahab, Director at Europa Televisa Internacional.
Alternativa’s excitement, empathy and professionalism are certainly their personal statement.


Manuel García, Marketing Director at Grandes Vinos y viñedos.
Both Esther Segura and her team create actions they support and convey, on both sides of the barrier, production company and brand, in a consistent and flawless manner that benefits everyone. Their effort and commitment are amazing, many times surpassing their service and caring for our brand off-screen.

Ana Castro, Media & Connections Director for Western Europe Coca-Cola.
The fragmentation of channels caused by digitalization of communication poses a challenge for brands like ours that need to reach people on a massive scale, on an ongoing basis and in a ubiquitous way. Alternativa is a great ally for us in integrating our brands into audiovisual content.


Alejandro Sanz-Díez, Media Manager at Vodafone.
Alternativa’s team always offer a great service showing excellent professionalism and creativity, incorporating more innovation and visibility in our communication plans.


Alfredo EreñoCEO at Bulldog TV.
Alternativa’s staff is proactive, enthusiastic and very professional. They do a personal follow up and pay attention to the commercial actions they propose. They know the Product Placement’s mechanisms very well, and therefore they have accurate, realistic and original suggestions, both from the clients’ and the producers’ perspective.


Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Actor.
Working with Esther from Alternativa is a pleasure. I am always surprised by her excitement and creativity to do the best job possible.